How can Great Entrepreneurs Help to Reduce Stress in the Workplace

In today’s fast-paced world, most of the people are stressed. People have stress due to a lot of expectations in their personal life and workload, along with pressure to complete a task within the stated time. Stress hamper people a lot in their personal as well as work life.

People spend most of their time at the workplace. So, stress can lead to a great impact on productivity and business loss. As an entrepreneur, you need to help your people in managing their stress in the workplace. For this, you can apply many tricks. Some of those tips are as follows:

Provide flexibility

Usually, people have to work 9 to 5 or 9 to 6. They have to be in their workplace during the scheduled working hours, and are asked to reach the workplace around the fixed time. During the rush hours, there is heavy traffic. Sometimes, this traffic is heavier that causes your employees being late in the office. They get stressed when they are caught in the heavy traffic as they want to reach the workplace on time. You need to help your people manage such stress. And for this, you can provide flexible working hours to them. You can ask them to complete their daily tasks without worrying about scheduled working hours, i.e. 9–5.

Encourage staff have short breaks during their work

Constant work makes people tired and get bored. Tiredness or boredom can lead to a decrease in the productivity of your employees. You need to encourage them to take an interest in the job they are doing and get rid of their boredom. For this, you can ask them to follow 20–20 formula. It means encourage your staff to have breaks for 1–2 minutes after every 20-minute period. In these short breaks, you can ask them to stretch their body around their working place.

Make workplace a fun place

Simple working atmosphere makes employees lack their interest. As an entrepreneur, you need to keep their interest in the job alive. For this, you can create a fun environment in the workplace or a corner of your office. Use custom labels and stickers for the creation of fun. On the stickers, you can have inspirational or fun quotes. Stick these customized labels in and around the workplace of your employees. Having a look on these inspirational or funny quotes before them make your people be inspired or light.

Set clear goals and discourage multitasking

For an entrepreneur, it is critical to have transparent goals and how job roles of their people support in attaining those goals. With this, your employees have a clear idea about what they have to carry out and why they do so. You should set three to five strategic goals at the beginning of each financial year and encourage your staff work to attain the same.

Being focused on a single task at a time leads to have fast completion of a job. Multitasking diverts mind and leads to delay in the completion of jobs. So, you should encourage your workforce to do a job at a time and start doing another after the completion of the first one.

Bring transparency about leaves and appraisals

Apart from working for you, your people have tasks to do in their personal life. For the completion of those jobs, they need leaves. As a great business owner, you need to create a balance between your work priority and your employee’s personal life. You should allow leave when your people ask for it. Or you can ask them to do their personal work and execute the job at home if the job needs to be done.

Appraisals also cause stress your employees. Getting no appraisal on time makes your staff unsatisfied and encourages them to have low interest or leave your workplace. You need to have transparency about appraisals and leaves. With this, you can try your people to have job satisfaction, as they have an idea when they get their appraisal.

Take your people for outings

Fun and enjoyment help people get rid of their stress. Further, going for outings in a group or with colleagues enhances bond among them. With this, they know each other well and help the team members in organizing an official event, party or outing. You can take your employees for outings. In the event, you can use cardstock and stickers to add fun in your party. During the party, all of your employees have equal partnership and enjoy the same together. There is no senior or junior. So, they have full enjoyment and get refreshed. With 3–4 outings a year, you can message to staff that you take care of their enjoyment and fun apart from work. It encourages them to work for you for a more extended period.

Make your people feel valued

People love being praised or getting rewarded. They get upset or stressed when they see that there is no value for their hard work or dedication to the company. As a great entrepreneur, you need to make your employees feel valued. For this, you can award them for their hard work and dedication by offering bonus, employee of the month/year, and timely appraisal.

Encourage your staff to take exercises and do meditation

Being physically active keeps people healthy and fit. With a healthy and fit body, people stay focused on their work. Further, meditation helps people stay calm. So, you need to encourage your employees to do workouts and to meditate. For this, you can ask them to join a fitness club by paying some of the fee or open a small fitness center in your office premises.


The tips mentioned above are just indicative. As a great entrepreneur, you can use your creative mind and find out several ideas to help your people get rid of their stress. With free mind, your employees will be dedicated to their work, and you have more productivity.

Smith Willas is a blogger, freelance writer with online marketing agency in Florida.

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